Artist Statement/Bio

Artist Statement

I encourage people to touch my carvings… the whales, sea-lions, the schools of salmon… to take time to connect with these creatures through the medium of wood.  From its grain, knots, wounds and scars comes the uncanny likeness of some of the oceans most magnificent inhabitants.

Here the barrier of water has been cut away, yet these creatures seem to float… suspended, banded in rippled watery light for your contemplation.   Step close and look into this one’s eye, let your gaze fall upon its tail and strange appendages, and wonder what kind of life is lived underwater?  Do these creatures realize how precarious this underwater world is… do we?



I can get obsessed with details, and carving allows me to indulge in my obsessions.  Eventually the details add up to something tangibly whole and satisfying.

Carving certainly ignited my creative side, and what began 23 years ago as a lark has now consumed my woodworking activities full time.  After a 12 year run of building luxury yachts I have taken the plunge, so to speak, carving full time from my home at The Red Herring Studio in Sechelt.